Automated Testing

Fortify your software quality assurance with Three Rivers Technologies, where our Automated Testing solutions redefine the benchmarks of reliability and efficiency in the dynamic landscape of software development.

At Three Rivers Technologies, our proficiency in ensuring robust and reliable software extends to comprehensive Automated Testing strategies.

Leveraging cutting-edge testing frameworks and industry best practices, we meticulously design and implement automated test suites that guarantee the scalability, security, and seamless functionality of your software applications.


Our technical expertise in Automated Testing covers a spectrum of methodologies, from unit testing to end-to-end testing, ensuring the comprehensive validation of your software. We deploy frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, and JUnit to create efficient, repeatable, and maintainable test scripts that enhance the efficiency of your testing processes.

Continuous Integration

We engineer Automated Testing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your development pipeline, enabling continuous testing and early detection of potential issues. Our focus on scripting efficiency and parallel test execution ensures faster feedback loops, accelerating your software development lifecycle. This also ensures that you will know your software is ready to deliver as you check it into source control.


We incorporate Automated Security Testing to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard your applications from potential threats. Additionally, our performance testing frameworks ensure optimal software performance under various conditions.

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Our employees have a range of experience with, but are not limited to, the following technologies

JUnit Apache JMeter Selenium Appium Postman